Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Modest (Serbian) Proposal

Momo Kapor, a Serbian journalist, sort of the Serbian Art Buchwald, writes, "I have never understood why garlic bears the odium of stink and that a man giving off the odor is thought rude! In my view, this is just a matter of convention. Why, for instance, would menthol have a nice smell and garlic, which grows so near to us, smell foul! If we were to agree that it is a pleasant and refined scent (perhaps, by way of holding a nation-wide referendum), we would even be in a position to make even perfumes from garlic, which would at the same time, do away with all manner of diseases, not to mention magic spells, something that highly over-priced perfumes of today are utterly incapable of doing. If lovers agree to eat garlic in the evening, they will have no problems with smell, because the two will neutralize each other. If those who find it offensive do not eat any garlic - they have only themselves to blame!" Serbian Garlic Perfume...hmmm.

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