Monday, August 9, 2010

Marvelous Montenegro

The fortified city of Budva is like a tiny Dubrovnik. When I sat down to dinner, the waiter brought me bread and a dish filled with olive oil, tons of freshly chopped garlic and herbs. Cool. The pebbly Adriatic beach is surrounded by rocky outposts and brilliant blue water; the city is back by black mountains. (Thus the name Monte Negro -- from the Latin; its called Crno Gora in the local dialect.)

Budva is filled with lots of tarty girls in scant clothing posing tartily. The boys seem suitably appreciative. During dinner, a live guitarist sang and played: Stranger in the Night in Montenegrin, and Abba's Fernando in heavily accented English -- kind of like the original, only different.

At night, I returned to my apartment in the center of the old city (Stari Grad). The 100 square meter, 2 BR apartment has a private patio overlooking the beach. I love it here!

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